OnlyFans to ban all sexually explicit content from October

The subscription platform says it needs to "evolve" after pressure from its financial backers.


Words: Alastair James; picture: OnlyFans creator Matthew Camp, shot by Danny Baldwin for Attitude

OnlyFans has announced that from October it will be blocking sexually explicit content on the site that has been made famous for its adult content.

The subscription-based platform has said the changes, due to come into effect from 1 October, come after pressures from its partners.

The site, where users have to subscribe to see content from creators, has seen an explosion during the pandemic and now has around 130 million users on the site.

“We must evolve our content guidelines”

The platform announced on Thursday (19 August) that from October it would be banning “any content containing sexually explicit conduct”, while still allowing nude content so long as it meets the company’s Acceptable Use policy

The policy, which was last updated in March 2021 tells users what content they can’t upload, and the way members should behave on the platform, including publishing any content with anyone under-18, promoting hate speech, and around harassment.

In a statement, as reported by Input, OnlyFans says the decision has been made “to comply with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers,” and that more details would be made available in the coming days. It also says content creators will also be updated on the changes.


“In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines,” the statement reads.

The news has led many to question who will be most impacted, with some fearing it will be women and LGBTQ sex workers who are most affected. 

Andrea Rhodea from the US has been a content creator on OnlyFans since 2018. He says he was panicked at first upon hearing the news, but that turned into confusion given the lack of details.

For him, the platform gives financial freedom flexibility to work on his own terms.

Andrea Rhodea

Speaking to Attitude about what the announcement might mean, he says: “Currently, there are a number of alternative platforms that aren’t as massive as OnlyFans that will be able to host sexually explicit content. They haven’t been threatened by banks and investors with losing their payout method.

“But as sex workers flock to those sites, will they run the risk of becoming too big and getting attention from banks like OnlyFans?”

He also says he’s worried about “the big picture of online sex work. Will it be able to continue to exist?” However, he’s waiting for more official news before deciding what he does next.

“It’s not a one-way relationship”

The platform has allowed many people to earn substantial incomes, while handing over 20% of their income.

In April, Attitude spoke to Reno Gold, one of the platform’s biggest successes, who at only 24 years-old has earned enough to buy five condos, fund college for his nephew and niece, and also give $27,000 to the Elton John Aids Foundation.

He said: "The most exciting thing when interacting with my fans is actually building that connection.

"I have people who are going through chemo and stuff like that. So, it’s nice to be by their side and just talk to them when they’re having hard days, or they’re having good days. It’s really nice to know that you’re affecting somebody positively."

Reno Gold (Photo: Taylor Miller)

The Nevada-born performer, who was earning $100,000 a month during lockdown, has a friendly relationship with a lot of his subscribers and regularly chats to them, even checking up on some if he doesn’t hear from them in a while.

“It’s not a one-way relationship, I truly have bonds with the people who’ve been with me for a while. I know what’s going on in their life. I know if they’re going through a break-up."

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