MP Luke Pollard sent vile anti-gay abuse after sharing Valentine's pic with boyfriend

Critics called out the perceived age gap between Pollard and his partner.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Twitter/@lukepollard

Gay Labour MP Luke Pollard has faced homophobic abuse after posting a Valentine’s Day photo of him and his boyfriend to social media

Pollard, MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, posted the picture on Sunday (14 February 2021), alongside the caption: “Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely boyfriend! X”

The picture has prompted 557 comments, with an overwhelming number being positive. However, some trolls responded to the apparent age gap between Pollard and his partner, Sydney Robertson.

“Love a father and son photo” said one, while another added: “He looks 12 you should be locked up.”

A third said: "I'm calling Childline."

"Those who bemoan the perceived 'age gap' here, but don't do so when it comes to the PM and his female partner..."

Lib Dem counsellor Mathew Hulbert defended Pollard, saying: “This is a beautiful picture, of a couple clearly in love. Those who bemoan the perceived 'age gap' here, but don't do so when it comes to the PM and his female partner, are being (whether they realise it or not) homophobic. They should have a word with themselves. Love is love.”

Another Twitter user responded: "There’s a 24 year age difference between the PM and his current girlfriend, but of course everyone is making awful comments about these two because homophobia."

Another said: "Love all the straight people replying shocked that not everybody settles down with the first boring person they date."

Commenting on the news yesterday, Pollard told Plymouth Live: "In my mind, Valentine's Day is all about love. My newsfeed was full of people sharing messages and pictures of their other halves.

"Me sharing a picture of me and Sydney going on a walk with Plymouth Sound in the background, it's no different to any of my friends' pictures. It's exactly the same thing [but we just happen to be gay]."

"When you're in the public eye, there will always be people who jump on you.

"But there's simply no place for [...] homophobic or racist comments.

"I feel very sorry for the people who led the attacks, they must be pretty lonely if seeing other people happy is a threat to them."

Attitude has approached Pollard for further comment.

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