Love, Victor has been renewed for season three

Victor and Benji will be making a return to Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK.


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Love, Victor has officially been renewed for season three.

The news was confirmed by the hit teen drama's American host network Hulu, who tweeted an announcement trailer on Friday (30 July).

Love, Victor's third outing will air in the UK on Disney+ as a Star Original.

The TV spin-off series to 2018's Love, Simon follows Victor Salazar, played by Michael Cimino, as he explores his sexuality, his relationship with Benji (George Sear), and his family and friends.

"Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!!"

The Hulu Twitter account confirmed the news with a compilation of clips from the show’s second series, including some bits not yet aired in the UK. Don’t worry! Nothing is really given away so no spoilers!

It was met with much excitement from fans, with many wishing for a ‘Venji’ endgame.

While the show is still airing episodes on a weekly basis in the UK on Disney+, the second series has finished in the US. The final episode of season two is expected to be available on Friday 20 August. It’s reported to end on a major cliff-hanger that will leave fans with many questions as to what comes next. Like there’s any other kind…

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the end of the second series and a third series, showrunner Elizabeth Berger said: “There's very, very little to say there without really giving something away that we're not going to give away”.

All we know about the release of a third series is it will be some time in 2022, which is not the most helpful! We don’t have any casting news yet, but we can imagine that frontrunners Cimino and Sear will reprise their roles, as well as Ana Ortiz and James Martinez, as Victor’s parents, Armando and Isabel Isabella Ferreira and Mateo Fernandez as Victor’s brother and sister, Pilar and Adrian.

The series also stars Anthony Turpel as Victor’s best friend Felix, Bebe Wood as Lake Meriwether, Rachel Hilson as Mia Brooks and Mason Gooding as Andrew.

Recently the shows leads, Michael Cimino and George Sear, who both identify as straight, spoke to Attitude about their allyship.

“I’ve definitely had some criticism from the LGBT community for being in the role… I’ve had death threats, which is horrible. But the show is important to me," Michael said. "The messages of hate— I came into it knowing that would happen, regardless of how good I was. 

“But there are some straight actors who play gay characters, who are all about supporting LGBT rights while they’re promoting their project, but once they’re done, a year later, it’s kind of forgotten. That’s not how [to] be an ally, that’s not how you support LGBT rights. If you’re not an actual ally, then what are you doing?”

On the response to being straight men playing gay roles George said: “Overwhelmingly, it’s been really positive. I love playing this character and I’ve tried to do my best to honour the responsibility of it.”

Love, Victor is available to watch in the UK on Disney+ Star.

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