Lil Nas X responds to homophobic backlash to 'Industry Baby' video: 'Y’all hate gay people'

One person said online that the 22-year-old rapper was "marketing the sexual irresponsibility that’s causing young men to die from AIDS."


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Instagram/@lilnasx

Lil Nas X is not one to hide how he feels about things. And he’s damn well right not to! The ‘Industry Baby’ singer has spent the weekend responding to homophobic comments and misguided media headlines regarding his latest song and its unforgettable music video.

The ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ singer released new single ‘Industry Baby’ on Friday (23 July) to great fanfare over its celebratory depiction of Black male sexuality. However, not everyone has basked in the glory of it all, with some online trolls accusing the 22-year-old of "causing young men to die from AIDS".

Lil Nas X has called out some of these views, as well as People magazine, who described some of the homophobic reaction to ‘Industry Baby’ as mere "criticism".

"Y’all hate gay ppl and don’t hide it”

Not long after the release of ‘Industry Baby’, one person tweeted: “#LilNasX isn’t fighting for gay rights. He’s marketing the sexual irresponsibility that’s causing young men to die from AIDS.

“Being gay is one thing, but being a super spreader is another. There’s nothing healthy or helpful about that video. Especially for children.”

Calling the blatant homophobia out, Lil Nas X came back with: “y’all be silent as hell when n***** dedicate their entire music catalogue to rapping about sleeping with multiple women. but when i do anything remotely sexual i’m “being sexually irresponsible” & “causing more men to die from aids” y’all hate gay ppl and don’t hide it.”

It’s not the first time the 'Old Town Road' singer has had to defend himself and his music, with very similar homophobia being aired following his last single ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’. He also faced a backlash over his kiss with a backup dancer at the BET Awards in June.

Another Twitter user tweeted that the music video for ‘Industry Baby’ is an “attack on black men”, which Lil Nas X also strongly refuted.

People magazine then posted an article regarding the backlash over Lil Nas X’s latest song choosing to describe the homophobia as seen above as “criticism” rather than what it is.

Pop Buzz reports the headline read: “Lil Nas X Responds to Criticism of His 'Industry Baby' Music Video: 'Y'all Hate Gay People'.”

Again, Lil Nas X called them out saying, “criticism is “this song is not good” not someone saying “you are the reason people are getting aids”” People magazine then changed their headline to what it is currently: “Lil Nas X Responds to Post Calling His 'Industry Baby' Music Video 'Sexually Irresponsible'”

An editor’s note explains the change was made to reflect Lil Nas X’s tweets on the matter.

It’s sad that a gay artist has to defend himself when so many straight artists who sing about very similar things get away with it and face no backlash whatsoever. Hypocrisy is the word.

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