Becky Hill: I felt like an imposter - now my queerness is helping me become my true self

After coming out publicly, the 'Remember' singer speaks candidly about her sexuality in the Attitude October issue.


Words: Will Stroude; Interview: Thomas Stichbury; Image: Sam Neill

After announcing to the world in April that the thought she identified as queer, Becky Hill has spoken candidly about her sexuality and journey towards understanding her identity for the first time.

In conversation with close friend and fellow pop star MNEK in the Attitude October issue - out now to download and to order globally - Becky, 27, admits she initially felt like an "imposter" for identifying as queer due to her long-term relationship with a man. 

"My identification with my queerness is still at its infancy", reflects Hill, who first rose to prominence on the first UK series of The Voice in 2012 and released her debut album, Only Honest on the Weekend, last month.

Image: Sam Neill

"I felt a bit like an imposter because I’ve had a boyfriend for five and a half years… I feel much better now I am under the queer umbrella."

The 'Remember' singer continues: "I also think it’s important for women to own their queerness, instead of over-sexualising their desire for other women for the sake of straight men.

"That was probably the biggest reason as to why I came out as queer, because I was, like, I know I enjoy sleeping with women, to what degree of that I don’t know, but I’d rather call myself queer and name it for what it is, than have men fantasise over the idea that I might be bi-curious or like a cheeky threesome here and there."

Hill has scored a colossal 13 UK Top 40 singles since her breakthrough on The Voice almost ten years ago, including the chart-topping 'Gecko (Overdrive)' with Oliver Heldens in 2014.

Only now, however, does Becky believe she's beginning to fully express the person she was always meant to be.

"It’s always been a feeling for me that I haven’t really acknowledged," she declares.

"My queerness is now helping me become my true self: I want to wear head-to-toe sequins, I want to wear thigh-length boots, I want to own my fucking sexuality, I want to be camp as fuck."

Read the full interview in the Attitude October issue, out now.

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