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Tough Mudder events set to attract 20,000 participants

By Aaron Tamazou

Tough Mudder, the team-oriented 10-12 mile obstacle course which has picked up steam in recent years has sold out this weekend, in what is set to be the largest event of the year with over 20,000 participants.

The course, which is designed to test physical strength and mental grit, is touted as the premier adventure challenge series in the world, one which the Attitude team are mad enough to be taking on come September (pray for us).

Tough Mudder Dublin, Ireland, Saturday

As well as the much dreaded electro shock therapy (the gratuitous kind, rather than homophobic), brand new obstacles include ‘King of the Swingers’, a pendulum swing off a 12-foot platform (fun!), ‘Cry Baby’, a delightful sounding tunnel crawl through a tear-gas-like substance, and the reinvented ‘Arctic Enema’, an ice water plunge in a skip.

This weekend’s event in Henley on Thames kicks off a UK run through summer, where it’ll pitch up in the Midlands, Scotland, Dublin, Yorkshire, the South West, the North West and London South, when the Attitude team will don their manliest tank tops and camo cut-offs and prepare to get muddy. See what it’ll really be like below:


Take a look at what we’re letting ourselves in for in the video below:

For more information visit the Tough Mudder website.