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How to solve the age-old ‘kissing with stubble’ conundrum

By Will Stroude


Have you ever finished a make out session with your beau and experienced ‘beard burn’ or ‘stache rash’? The beard trend firmly swept the nation last year and it’s looking like it’s set to stay for the foreseeable, so how do we deal with kissing with stubble?

Kieran Tudor, Remington brand ambassador and professional stylist, shares his tips for soothing soreness and minimising facial redness – for you (or for him!)

“As the original male shave brand, Remington has been grooming men worldwide for decades and we thought it was about time we shared our secrets for mastering the perfect man-scaping routine ahead of Valentine’s Day. Here’s a few tips for couples out there to solve the age-old kissing with stubble conundrum!

“Rule number one is easy – prep your skin! If you want to keep the stubble look but don’t want to prickle your partner, using a facial cleansing brush such as the Remington Recharge Skin & Stubble Brush can help to smooth skin and soften stubble. Follow this by ensuring your stubble or beard is fully cleaned and conditioned, just like the hair on your head, by using beard oil or balm.

“How you shape your stubble is a very personal thing. If your partner finds stubble sexy but you want to reduce the risk of prickling them, keep your beard at a medium length and trim, instead of clean shaving. With 11 pre-set length settings, Remington’s Beard Boss Beard Trimmer helps to keep your facial hair under control, keeping both you and him happy (and prickle free).

“Alternatively, the Remington Multi Groom Kit is a totally versatile tool kit that you can rely on to keep your moustasche looking trim. Whatever your grooming need, you’ll have all bases covered. If you’re feeling brave, you can always ask your partner to help with the man-scaping – they’re the ones looking at it, after all.

“Finally, if stubble isn’t for you, then remember to take care of your skin too! When it comes to shaving, a lot of men are using the wrong shaver for their skin and stubble type, which can often result in rash or irritation. Remington has launched a new Shave Selector Tool, designed to match you to your perfect shaver, including both Foil and Rotary, depending on your skin, stubble type and grooming regime.”

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