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Gay man brutally attacked by ‘celebratory Trump supporters’ on election night

By Will Stroude

*Warning: The following article contains graphic images which some readers may find upsetting*

A gay man from California claims he was violently attacked by supporters of Donald Trump on election night.

Chris Ball says he was watching the election results unfold at a Santa Monica bar on Tuesday night, when tensions between Clinton and Trump supporters began to rise.

“People started launching homophobic slurs at me from afar,” he told the Calgary Metro. “I mean, I kind of got into it, but I didn’t want to provoke them.”

“They were saying things like, ‘We got a new president you f**king faggots.”

The film producers alleges that when he left the bar later that night, he was set upon by a group of Trump supporters – one of whom hit him over the head with a glass bottle, causing him to fall over, hit his head on the pavement and black out.

“When I came to, I remember waking up and wiping the blood from my eyes. I called some friends, they picked me up and I went right to the hospital,” he said.

According to the Calgary Metro, Santa Monica police were not immediately available to confirm Ball’s claims.

A friend of Ball’s later shared pictures of his horrific injuries on Facebook. In the accompanying post he said:  “My good friend, Chris Ball, was bottled in the face by a celebratory Trump supporter – because he is gay.”

He added: “This hatred, bigotry, and senseless violence all comes from the same part of America that voted in a demagogue who spits hatred as his rhetoric.”

Chris, who required five staples in his head following the assault later wrote on Facebook: “Thank you everyone for the support and good vibes. Just wanted to say I’m alive and well. And still very gay.”

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