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Four erectile dysfunction myths debunked

By Will Stroude


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a complicated health condition with several different possible causes. As many men feel uncomfortable talking about ED, some of them may end up believing the widespread myths surrounding the subject. HealthExpress, the UK’s leading online clinic, answers the four most common myths about erectile dysfunction.

Man looking in his underpants

It only affects older men – mainly those above 40
Contrary to popular belief, ED is not only common in older men. While the majority of patients with ED are aged between 40 and 70, a lot of younger men experience impotence issues too. Since the penis is a vascular organ, any illness that inhibits normal blood flow in the body can cause problems getting an erection. A HealthExpress medical advisor further debunks this stereotype citing that the condition ‘ is not age related necessarily and in younger men is often anxiety related.’

Herbal treatments can successfully cure the problem
There are a lot of dubious websites claiming to offer miraculous cures for ED. Not only are these companies operating against the law, but also men who buy medication from them could potentially end up making their condition worse. Currently, there is no herbal substance that cures ED. Prescription oral medication like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are very successful at treating the problem.

ED treatments give patients constant erections for hours on end
Treatments like Viagra last for about four hours, however this does not mean patients will have a constant erection for this period of time. Viagra will only take effect when the patient is sufficiently aroused within the four hour window. Once they’ve ejaculated, the penis will return to a flaccid state until they become aroused again in the four hours. The effect of any ED treatment varies from person to person.

Excessive masturbation is a major cause of ED
A lot of forums online discuss a very real link between excessive masturbation and ED. However, the answers given are almost always based on personal experience as opposed to factual information or medical research studies. The people who read these pages often end up developing a real fear of masturbation and ED, and it’s these types of thoughts that can actually add to the problem.

If you have any questions about erectile dysfunction, it is best to speak with a healthcare professional. HealthExpress is a discreet and confidential online clinic, that offers information, advice and treatment for men who are experiencing erectile problems.

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