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Austin Armacost talks CBB, finding love, and why he has a thing for British boys

By Will Stroude

American hottie Austin Armacost, who starred on the The A-List: New York and last year’s instalment of Celebrity Big Brother (where he came second, behind bromantic pal James Hill), is coming to London for the re-launch of Camden’s The Bloc this Saturday (August 27).

Ahead of his DJ set at The Bloc’s BABEZ night, the 28-year-old hunk talked to Attitude about DJing at The Bloc for their ‘Babez’ event, what he’s been up to since Big Brother, the London and American gay scene and his break up with British husband Jake Lees.

What have you been up to since last year’s Celebrity Big Brother?

A lot has happened since my series of CBB. Since then, I have become the face of Prowler stores in the UK, an ambassador for Burton Menswear, and appeared on your cover! I starred in my first panto in December 2015 – I was a trained actor long before my reality TV career – and went back to the US in February this year. My husband Jake and I have unfortunately decided to separate, but it was a very amicable split.

Have you been keeping up with this year’s series? What do you make of the current crop of contestants?

I do think that the amount of sex and blatant disrespect for themselves and lack of humility is quite foul! It’s been an interesting season to say the least. I believe Renee has a good chance to become only the second American to ever win it. My runner-up position last year was the second best an American has ever done.

Are you looking forward to making your debut as a DJ for the re-launch of The Bloc tomorrow night?

I’m thrilled to be asked to DJ in Camden at The Bloc for BABEZ . I hear such great things about it and I’m looking forward to joining them for the night. Letting my music pump through the crowd will be a phenomenal experience. I’ve already picked some choice tunes out and I guarantee we are going to get mental on Saturday night.

austin 3

What can people expect from you as the DJ? What are the songs that get you on the dance floor?

Its a good mixture of mostly dance remixes but also some classics. BABEZ is a fun filled pop party night so I’m going to be playing the songs everybody just goes “F*CKING TUUUNE” to. When I’m out I just like to see smiles on the dance floor and people not giving a toss and having a good time. With everything that’s happening in the world, I’d love to give people a few hours of joy and just let them get lost in the music.

What’s an ideal night for you on the London gay scene?

I am getting a bit older so don’t go out and party too much anymore. I prefer watching a show in the West End and maybe a quick drink in Soho. Being from up north I don’t tend to go out a lot in London.

How different is it from Manhattan’s gay scene?

I’ve definitely noticed that you tend to see the same people in the same areas like in Vauxhall, Soho, etc. It seems to be quite cliquey around London. New Yorkers just love to go out and explore all kinds of new people. America is the melting pot of the world. People from all different backgrounds come out to enjoy themselves. There is a lot less chemsex in NYC than London. It is becoming a problem on the UK gay club scene. Well, it already is a problem actually.

Now that you’re back on the market, will you be out on the scene more both here and across the pond?

I won’t be. I don’t go out ‘cruising’, but at this point in my life and career I’m just too busy. But yes, I’d like to meet a nice guy. I haven’t told myself I’m going to ‘take some time’ or ‘stay single for X amount of time’ because when love comes, it comes and you can’t put a date and time on it. Besides the one famous ex, I’ve always dated what people would consider ‘normal’ guys and not in the business. My lifestyle is extremely different from most.

How would you compare British men with American men?

I love 100% British Beef! I find that British men are more intelligent, well travelled, educated. Well, the ones I try to surround myself with anyway! A lot less drama goes on in Britain than in America. American men can be pathetic, whiny, bitches! I don’t have time for that.

You’re not shy when it comes to stripping off, but which celebs would you most want to see in the buff?

Well as you know I’m not the only one who gets his kit off for a good cause or just a good shoot! Nowadays it seems as if it has become the norm for a celebrity to get nude, or a naughty picture has been leaked online. Actually, even though Google is filled with pictures of my bum, not one of my knob has ever been leaked or shared which I am very proud of. I don’t send naughty photos. Having said that, I have seen most of my man crushes in the buff: Duncan James, Tom Hardy, Dan Osborne –  typical English male icons!

Austin Armacost will make his DJ debut with the BABEZ family this August Bank Holiday weekend at The Bloc in Camden, London, which will be hosted by Lewis Burton and Kassandra Powell.


Interview: Bryan Bernal

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