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ADDICTED underwear unveils brand new ‘Lust’ collection

By Joshua Haigh

Named Lust for its high sensual and sexual content, its freshness, sassy and jovial character represent the essence of a complete collection, with very fun prints.

Our 2017-18 Fall/winter ADDICTED campaigns were directed by the renowned photographer Leonardo Corredor (USA) who has managed to get the spicier side of ADDICTED.

Addicted’s philosophy is abundantly clear: to produce quality garments that make those who wear them feel sexy, comfortable and sure of themselves.

Each of our items are designed with our target market in mind, so that it can identify with our brand 100%. Addicted is synonymous with being a brand which is daring, sexy, direct and overtly racy.

It is, above all, aimed at all those gay men who feel good about themselves, and comfortable with, their bodies.

Take a look at the collection here.