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Swarovski and Marvel assemble to form the ultimate power team

Never have we seen such power!

By Aaron Pandher

Iron Man figurine and stickers feature in the Swarovski x Marvel collaboration
Iron Man figurine and stickers feature in the Swarovski x Marvel collaboration (Image: Provided)

Our beloved Marvel superheroes might be more used to donning metallics as well as colourful spandex. Thanks to Swarovski, however, they’ve now been given some much-needed sparkle.

The jewellery has launched a new, limited-edition jewellery and home collaboration with Marvel, that encapsulates heroism as well as self-discovery and bold authenticity.

Each piece is inspired by an iconic Marvel comic book character. Among these are Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and The Hulk.

Swarovski x Marvel collaboration
Marvel & Swarovski Collection (Image: Provided)

The attention to detail in Swarovski’s master cutting exemplifies each superhero’s iconic look perfectly.

The characters are brought to life in the most creative and alluring ways. After all, what’s better than the Black Panther? The Swarovski crystal-encrusted Black Panther, of course.

Swarovski x Marvel collaboration
Black Panther Crystal Figurine (Image: Provided)

Swarovski’s first collaboration with Marvel has given Swarovski’s Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert, an opportunity to explore the qualities of strength, bravery, and responsibility through the unique and exciting medium of Swarovski crystals.

Both brands have a rich heritage and also a long-standing legacy. This is fully recognised here in a collaboration that wholly embodies how Marvel characters inspire people globally and find the hero within themselves, and truly embrace the power and elegance of crystal in new and unexpected ways. 

Swarovski x Marvel collaboration
Captain Marvel ring (Image: Provided)

Featured among the Swarovski and Marvel collection are 3D necklaces, rings, and bracelets and also crystal statues, and more. We’re sure you’ll find a piece to help you unleash your own powers.

Superheroes have always been slightly camp, and we’re very much into them getting the luxury and yassified treatment, with crystals and poppy colours galore.

Swarovski x Marvel collaboration
Hulk Bracelet (Image: Provided)

What Marvel superhero do you relate most to and what piece is calling your name?

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