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Time to try vaping? How to find the best e cigarette for you


By Steve Brown

It’s January, the time to start making and owning your New Year’s resolutions is here.

Has the first of the month hit and you’ve flushed your cigarettes down the toilet already but are now clawing the walls? Do you want to give vaping a try but are confused by all the options/ complicated devices or put off by having to go to the University of Vaping to understand all the jargon?

Vaping has certainly evolved greatly over the last few years in terms of technology / appearance and as a method to switch from smoking it has a very high success rate, with almost three million UK smokers believed to have used vaping to quit the habit.

JAC Vapour are a UK vaping company, based in Edinburgh, who pride themselves on the quality of their products.

Setting themselves apart from the rest of the industry by designing all their own devices, as well as curating their e liquid flavours in-house.

With nearly 10 years under their belt, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of smokers find their perfect vape device and quit their smoking habits for good.

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You might want a bit more info on vaping before diving straight into buying a device?

In simple terms; e cigarettes are made up of a battery which provides power, a tank which houses the e liquid and a heating element (or ‘coil’) which heats up a liquid, turning it into vapour which you inhale.

The vapour carries both the flavour and nicotine of your chosen e liquid (also available without nicotine). Don’t be confused between smoke and vapour.

Smoke is a by-product of burning, which exits when you combust a cigarette. Think of it like steam being created when water is boiled, and it’s this vapour that you inhale.

In a tobacco cigarette, it’s the tar (and other chemicals) that are produced when combusted that kill. E cigarettes are completely tar-free and never combusted, which is why Public Health England is confident in calling them 95 per cent safer than smoking.

E cigarettes come in various shapes and sizes but really the secret to success when switching is getting the device and e liquid that suits your needs. 

The following starter kits are recommended if you’re looking for devices that will keep you vaping all day long, from your busy commute to work until you get home to relax, all on one charge. Clever designers.


Click in and click out with the Wee VIM POD Mod. Simply twist in a pre-filled POD (choose from 4 flavours) and vape away with no mess or no fuss involved, perfect for absolute beginners.

Or choose the Wee VIM’s more powerful big brother, the VIM which comes with a refillable tank, allowing you to choose from more than 50 e liquid flavours to customise your taste experience.

Both are incredibly compact with large battery capacities, making them the ideal pocket friendly device for everyday use. From £19.99


Keep focused with the urban-inspired SERIES-S22. A bestseller. This traditional form factor with a modernised design has a battery capacity that lasts all day on one charge.

Available in four different colour ways to suit your personal style and a refillable tank that allows you to choose your favourite flavour combination. Only £34.99

If you lead a busy life and need your vape to go completely unnoticed, try out JAC’s vapourless range of e liquids, Clear Steam.

With no obvious vapour on the exhale, this range is ideal to satisfy nicotine cravings on the commute to work, on a night out, in between workouts or even at the office – no one need know you are vaping, meaning no need to go outside and freeze. Bonus points for vaping vs smoking.

To help you with your resolution this year, make a start by using our JAC Vapour offer code: ATTITUDE15 exclusive to Attitude readers, to get 15 per cent off across the website.

Need more advice/ help/ just a general chit chat with the guys at JAC Vapour you can read five star reviews on Trustpilot or contact them on the JAC website.

Good luck!