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The (behind-the-scenes) adventures of aussieBum – Watch

In partnership with aussieBum

By Steve Brown

They say behind every picture is a story, and boy, do we have some stories!

Iconic images of aussieBum products looking amazing in amazing locations have become a big part of what folks expect from aussieBum.

It’s storytelling and dream-selling at its best, mates.

But, it takes a village to look this good in undies.

We get asked all the time about our photo shoots – who goes, where we go and what goes on behind the scenes.

Our location shoots take place everywhere we can think of that will give us spectacular settings, fun in the sun and beautiful backdrops for our products.

This means we travel to places like outback Australia, beaches in Bali and – on one extreme adventure – to the park across the road from our office.

And it is true that behind every aussieBum picture (and beautiful model) is a story. There’s also a photographer, a crew, the odd helicopter pilot and often the very odd local.

There’s also plenty of sunscreen, spritzing, silly behaviour and stuff ups – not to mention hard graft … and life or death drama.

Lost at sea

Like the time we almost lost two crew members during a shoot on a deserted beach island in an undisclosed location.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when we first set out to capture some inspired images of our models in Scent swimwear. And it was all going swimmingly until suddenly an unexpected and haunting sea-fog rolled in and enveloped us, reducing visibility to a couple of hundred metres.

But, an aussieBum crew is not easily spooked, so we sat tight to ride out the fog until we could recommence shooting.

As the haze began to lift, we were deep in self-congratulation mode on remaining calm in the face of unpredictable weather when the tide began to rise rapidly as the sea closed in on us.

Cue: Panic.

The island appeared to be sinking before our eyes and under our feet forcing us to beat a fearful retreat. With hearts in mouths, all of us scrambled into the helicopter with seconds to spare before the encasing waters prevented take off.

All of us that is except two overlooked crew members who were left abandoned on the sinking island.

Thankfully, after a fast flight back to base to refuel, we managed to rescue our comrades – successfully avoiding casualties and even more successfully earning ourselves an on-tour story that has  grown exponentially in drama and fabulousness ever since with every re-telling. (Why let the truth stand in the way of a good story, right?)

And hey, if you’re up for more laughs at our expense, check out some of our behind the scenes videos that reveal the realities (and the ridiculous) behind the magic.