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Summertime is here and aussiebum is on hand to help you pick the perfect swimwear


By Steve Brown

Who’s that guy? Summertime is here, friends and it’s time to rethink your swimwear.

Sure, you could whip out your old favourites, but we know you deserve better than that. And so do you for that matter.

Never underestimate the power of finding a look that makes you feel good and reflects who you are. After all, when you’re comfortable in your own skin (and your second skin) you can just get on with the business of enjoying your summer holiday.

If you’re someone that’s indecisive or if you find yourself positively paralysed by different styles and fads, there’s really only one main question you need to ask yourself.

And the most important factor isn’t about fads or even fit.

Sure, these are important, but according to aussieBum the most helpful guide for buying swimwear is to imagine who will be the best, happiest, most natural version of yourself when you’re beach or poolside this summer.

Yep. Cut to the chase. Get real. Be yourself. What do you do? What do you like?

And to simplify it even further, aussieBum have broken it down into three categories to help you decide:

Which guy are you?

Do you swim and swan?

Brad wears aussieBum Lowrider Maldives – Pineapple RRP £25.25

If you’re the type that loves immersing yourself in the water and sunning yourself on the scene, Lowrider Maldives could be for you.

Designed to ride low on the hips and high on the list of sights to see. Perfect if you want to make a statement with exotic prints – looking beautiful in the water and out.

This is for you if your motto is: Look at me now!

Are you an action hero?

Jacob wears aussieBum Stav – Navy Swim Shorts RRP £32.25

If skimpy aint your style and sitting still for too long makes you jittery, you need beach shorts that give you both stylish street cred and the room to move.

aussieBum Stav is equal parts swimwear and shorts; it’s multi-talented surf wear with cutting edge cool and stretch material for maximum action.

This is for you if your motto is: Go hard or go home.

Or, are you the party guy?

Jacob wears aussieBum Aloha – Navy Swim Shorts RRP £28.25

Life’s too short to be a shrinking violet and you know flower power isn’t just for girls.

aussieBum’s just-off-the-plane Aloha mid-rise shorts beckon you to be comfortably beach bound thanks to their mesh-lined side pockets, and an elasticised waistband featuring an adjustable drawstring.

If you’re going to be king of the beach party you may as well be dressed for the part when they throw you in the pool.

This is for you if your motto is: Life is a party, dress for it.

Shop all three looks here.