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Steps revisit past iconic looks including ‘Tragedy’ and ‘Deeper Shade of Blue’ videos

Fashionlista, sponsored by Marks and Spencer is part of the Attitude Pride at Home digital festival taking place online from 9-19 June.

By Alastair James

Words: Brian Leonard

Pop icons Steps are fangirling over working with Michelle Visage as they revisit some of their most iconic looks from over the last 25 years.

The ‘Tragedy’ singers look back at their memorable wedding outfits as well as their ‘Deeper Shade of Blue’ and more in Fashionlista, sponsored by Marks and Spencer.

Marveling at their bright red PVC outfits and devil horns from ‘Better the Devil You Know’, Lisa claims it to be an “iconic look”.

“Now whenever we do tours or shows, we see lots of people wearing all the horns, the red horns in the audience, don’t we?” she says to ‘H’.

Upon seeing their ‘Tragedy’ outfits – the video for which is a series of weddings – Claire remembers: “I hated my dress”. Much to Faye and Lee’s surprise Claire goes on to say that she had wanted “the meringue”, which went to Lisa in the end. 

“I felt like I looked like a pixie,” Claire adds. 

The bands ‘Deeper Shade of Blue’ ensembles are also “iconic” in Lisa’s eyes (we’d have to agree) and “in my humble opinion, I still think it stands up to the test of time today,” she says of the music video. 

Lisa also reveals she had to have multiple showers to get her blue makeup off afterward, while Claire not only had to work with a block of wood on her head, but was initially asked to dance in shoes with nails for heels…

“No, you can’t dance in them,” affirms Lee, who was dressed in the video in “Jeans and a stripe across my body and blue head,” he informs us as well as contact lenses, he says he hated wearing.

‘H’, who had the top half of his fainted painted on for the video recalls reacting to it. “I had burnt the whole top half of my face,” he says before adding: “Memories, happy memories,” and laughing it all off.

The band also recalls touring with Britney and teaching her the infamous ‘Tragedy’ dance as well as meeting Prince Charles and getting him to do the dance moves at a Party in the Park. 

“We mix with lots of queens, just not lots of royalty,” jokes Faye.

Finally, the band falls over themselves as they adore the “absolutely amazing”, Michelle Visage, who Faye says for a short period of time was “Michelle from Steps”. 

Lee says: “What you see is what you get with her, isn’t it? There’s no facade or anything. It’s just she is there and whatever she thinks she will say, she doesn’t really care if she’s going to offend anybody or not. She’s very professional. She’s great. Works all the way through.”

In the video for the song Michelle jumped in on, ‘Heartbreak in this City’, Lisa was not there to film with the rest of the band, but Michelle reached out to her she tells us.

“Michelle actually sent me a private DM and she said to me, you know, I’m really sorry that you can’t be here on the day. You know, we’re all thinking of you,” Lisa says fondly.

As well as Steps, RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Bianca Del Rio will be taking a look back over some of her iconic outfits, as will Drag Race UK‘s Tayce, artist, and Instagram sensation Alexis Stone, and model and stylist, Kyle De’Volle.

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