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Help bring in the festive cheer with a selection of alcoholic beverages


By Steve Brown

Help bring in the festive cheer this year with some tipples for all occasions.


Let Koko Kanu – the finest premium Jamaican white rum with coconut flavour – transport you overseas this Christmas.

With a subtle blend of the finest white aged Jamaican rums and refreshing tropical coconut flavour, Koko Kanu is the original spirit of exotic adventure.

The rum is aged for a minimum of one year and then charcoal filtered to achieve the crystal-clear colour. Just try in the Koko Kolada, a light contemporary twist on the traditional Pina Colada, for a taste of escapism.  

Koko Kanu available here – RRP: £19.65


The golden liquid of Patrón Tequila Añejo is a delicate blend of uniquely aged tequilas, aged in small white oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months.

Each bottle is numbered by hand, individually numbered and crafted using mostly recycled glass. Smooth and sweet, it’s perfect for the spirit connoisseur looking to expand their drinks collection.

The Patrón Añejo Tequila creates the perfect twist on the Old Fashioned – The Patrón Old Fashioned forming the perfect accompaniment to any winter evening.

Buy at the Whisky Exchange here – £59.75


With a beautiful bouquet combining fruity and cocoa notes, with delicate molasses, vibrant citrus and hints of coffee, toasted oak and almond, the Rare Blend 12 Year Old is a perfect pick for Christmas.

A real reflection of the craft and passion of Master Blender Joy Spence, this blend is made from hand-selected, rare golden rums, all aged for a minimum of 12 years.

The result is a dark, mahogany colour and a smooth, but robust, woody taste. Ideal for sipping or using in refined, elegant cocktails, its versatility makes it the ideal gift choice.

Of course you could always treat yourself, and raise a festive toast with the Jamaican Honey Soother cocktail or the Estate Old Fashioned.

Purchase from Amazon here – RRP £34

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

A true American classic, Wild Turkey 101’s big, bold flavour is down to its high rye content. Less water is added during distillation, resulting in a fuller and more pure bourbon taste.

Unique among its peers, Wild Turkey 101’s bold profile comes hand-in-hand with a smooth, rich aroma, something Jimmy Russell puts down to “Quality at all stages of its production.”

It’s the ideal bourbon for a classic Old Fashioned cocktail, but is equally good neat or on the rocks. 

Purchase from Amazon here – RRP £31.95


A legend in Jamaica and known as Uncle Wray to many, Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum is as much a part of Jamaica as the black, green and gold of the country’s flag. 

It has been distilled in Jamaica for more than 190 years, and represents the proud and bold spirit of the island. Wray & Nephew is flavourful, full-strength and full of character, making it the perfect ingredient for a truly authentic rum punch or a fruity Wray & Ting.

Wray & Nephew Stockist & RRP: £28.95, available at The Whisky Exchange


Specially designed by renowned Mexican artist Joel Berrelleza, the Patrón Silver Limited Edition Heritage Tin showcases Mexican art and craftsmanship. Inspired by his homeland’s vibrancy and the joy of its people, the designer has summed up his feelings by saying simply “Mexico is colour.”

For this bright gift tin he has penned detailed depictions of day and night, the fertility of the native flora and fauna, and pre-Columbian motifs such as the Mexican wolf – a symbol of camaraderie and family.

We recommend enjoying this crystal-clear, peppery and citrusy Patrón Silver with the family over specialities like ceviche and chiloria, or with the wolfpack mixed into classic cocktails such as Margaritas.

This limited-edition packaging is perfect for both Patrón Tequila aficionados and those who are seeking the simply perfect gift this Christmas.

Available at Harvey Nichols – RRP: £54


Made from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave, this expression is rested for three to five months in a hybrid barrel of used American Bourbon, French and Hungarian Oaks before it is ready.

Once it has finished resting, the tequila is placed in an individually crafted bottle, made from majority recycled glass by a glass artisan and hand-numbered.

This tequila is wonderfully smooth and sweet – perfect for sipping or for mixing into classic cocktails to give them an extra twist ultra-premium during this festive season.

Patrón Silver tequila is the perfect ultra-premium white spirit. It is handmade in small batches to be smooth, soft and easily mixable. Each bottle is individually crafted by a glass artisan and hand-numbered.

This light, crystal clear tequila has fresh agave aromas and hints of citrus and is a favourite among tequila connoisseurs worldwide.

Patrón Silver is incredibly versatile and can be used instead of vodka, gin or white rum to mix flawlessly into almost any cocktail, providing an update on your Christmas classics.

The Whiskey Exchange, Harvey Nichols & Selfridges – RRP £49.99