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Drag Race UK’s Tayce reviews her past looks – including her ‘Milli Vanilli phase’

Fashionlista, sponsored by Marks and Spencer is part of the Attitude Pride at Home digital festival taking place online from 9-19 June.

By Alastair James

Words: Brian Leonard

Drag Race UK‘s Tayce is living as she joins Attitude on a deep dive into some of her past looks (and a few lewks)

“Some are good, some are bad, some are in between,” says the season two queen as she takes part in the Fashionlista series, sponsored by Marks and Spencer.

First up is a unique look back from Tayce’s teen years and before she learned about lace front wigs. 

“I used to go to Cardiff Market and buy extensions, and then I would clip in bobby pins and then bobby pin those into my hair. My little mohawk thing, flat top going on. It was a hot mess, but you couldn’t tell me anything. I thought I looked a million bucks,” says the Welsh queen. 

Another look we reminded her of she says was from her “Milli Vanilli phase” and sees Tayce with long, long dreadlocks. 

“Let me tell you, inches to the floor I ain’t talking about my weave. Honey, they were like, down there, down to here,” says the queen pointing past her knees. 

Despite being told they’d last a couple of months when she had them done, the dreads only really lasted a week. 

“After one week of sleeping them, I said they got to go. They hurt, they’re too heavy, get them out.”

A Juno Birch-inspired piece is labelled “absolutely stunning” while a more ashy face and wig is described as “a white Caucasian woman.”

“I mean, she’s living though, she’s living,” Tayce adds.

Turning to her entry look for Drag Race UK S2 Tayce reveals that the coat, while stunning, was toasty. 

“I remember doing my entrance and they had to redo it about eight times because I was like a Spud-u-like under there I was just cooking, girl, cooking hard.”

Elsewhere, a Kylie Minogue-like look is deemed “camp” while her Drag Race UK promo and final looks represent the “yin and the yang, the duality, the Gemini.”

As well as Tayce, RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Bianca Del Rio will be taking a look back over some of her iconic outfits, as well ‘Love’s Got a Hold of My Heart’ singers Steps and artist and Instagram sensation Alexis Stone.

Fashionlista, sponsored by Marks & Spencer, is part of Attitude Pride at Home, which runs from 9-19 June at, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@attitudemag).

Attitude Pride at Home is to benefit the Attitude Magazine Foundation for LGBT causes. 

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