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Ditch the High Street prices: Get stylish glasses online with Glasses2You

“We want Glasses2You to be a trusted and good choice for your next pair of glasses,” says the company.

By Kody Boye

Woman with a black blazer wearing glasses
(Image: Pexels)

Have you ever finished an eye test only to be herded onto the sales floor and told to pick from glasses well above your budget? The founders of Glasses2You know this experience all too well, and they were tired of it.

Finding a fair price

Beginning in 2005 in the United Kingdom, Glasses2You wanted to address the problem of limited options and high prices for glasses. Instead, they provide glasses and sunglasses online to countless shoppers. This custom-made eyewear can be made with budget, prescription, and personal style in mind.

“We aim to give consumers/shoppers the ability to save a lot of money compared to the high street,” said a company representative. “Essentially, we provide the same quality eyewear without the cost.”

The company makes it simple to shop for glasses starting at just £19.99. Designer brands include Oakley, Ray Ban, Ted Baker, Calvin Klein, and many more, with options for both men and women.

A trusted eyewear partner

With their well-known exceptional customer service, Glasses2You is ready to answer any questions, help choose products, and resolve any issues. Clients in both the UK and Malta, where the company has seen much popularity, can feel secure in their glasses purchases, knowing the company is dedicated to a quick and problem-free experience.

Curious about the company’s success? Check out their Trustpilot ratings, where they have earned an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating. One customer noted, “Fantastic company! I’m really delighted with my new glasses and sunglasses, which arrived way quicker than I thought, so a massive thank you to these great folks. They’re really friendly and helpful as well. It gives me great pleasure to recommend them.”

Another customer was excited that Glasses2You could provide savings on his prescription, stating, “I have used these guys several times and will keep coming back. They are always efficient, professional, and good value. I have a complex prescription that would be hugely expensive through a conventional optician, so this is a lifesaver.”

The company has also been featured in respected British publications such as The Times and The Mirror. The Mirror highlighted a customer’s experience ordering glasses online, offering high praise and complimenting Glasses2You’s skills in producing solid eyewear at a fair price and quickly delivering it.

The online glasses ordering process

How can you order glasses through Glasses2You? The process is simple. First, get an updated prescription from an optician.

Glasses2You offers countless designer brands with options in varifocals, bifocals, standard lenses, and sunglasses. Choose a style that best fits your personal look.

The site also provides information to help you choose the best frame, including measurements for the bridge, arm length, frame width, lens height, and lens diameter.

Glasses2You even contains a YouTube video that further explains how to use this information. Glasses2You even has a feature that allows you to try on frames virtually through a widget accessed via your computer’s webcam. Using this tool allows you to see exactly what the selected frame will look like on your face.

After selecting your perfect frame, you can choose your lens type and any upgrades. These include anti-scratch coatings, UV or blue light protection, or lenses that can change according to light exposure.

Once you finish your order, you will receive emails confirming the time your shipment is expected to take and tracking once your glasses have shipped.

Making a simple and secure choice

Glasses2You provides high-quality eyewear at reduced prices with a hands-on experience. When you shop for glasses online, you’ll still have the opportunity to control much of the creation process and experience what fits with your personal style.

“We want Glasses2You to be a trusted and good choice for your next pair of glasses,” says the company.

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