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Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Tory candidate says homosexuality is a sin

The evangelical Christian Chieme Okuzu is set to stand for the local elections

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A Welwyn Garden City Tory candidate has said homosexuality is a sin.

Chieme Okuzu – also known as ‘Chemmy’ – is a pastor at the evangelical Christian Herts International Church and is set to stand for the Handside seat in tomorrow’s local elections.

However, according to the Welwyn Hatfield Times, when asked by a constituent about his views on homosexuality, he openly said the Bible tells him it is a sin.

He is reported to have replied: “I do believe it [homosexuality] is a sin, as that’s what my Bible tells me. That is my personal opinion.”

Okuzu then went on to say that he doesn’t want people to judge on him on his beliefs and argued that ‘some people might believe that my heterosexual lifestyle is wrong’.

He went on to say: “I do not hate the person. The Bible tells me otherwise, but it doesn’t stop me being able to walk with the person.

“It doesn’t stop me from connecting with them but if that’s your preference and what you decide to do, that’s no problem, I have my own opinion, you have your own.”