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Watch: Couple receive apology from manager after complaining about gay waiter

By Fabio Crispim

A restaurant manager has apologised to two customers after they wrote a homophobic slur on a receipt complaining about a gay waiter.

Blake Butler, 19, was working at Kelley’s Country Cookin’ in Texas last week when a fellow employee picked up a receipt on his behalf that said: “Don’t want to listen to a faggot through my whole meal.”

Take a look at the receipt below:


In an interview with ABC 13, Butler – who quit his job shortly after the incident – revealed that his manager saw the homophobic slur and went over to apologise to the customers who had written it.

“Instead of having my back and be like, you know, ‘That’s my employee; I can’t have you talking about my employees like that,’ she was like, ‘Oh, it’s okay. I’m sorry,'” said Butler.

“I came out to my parents today because I didn’t want them to find out on the news. I just finally said it,” he continued. “Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, but instead of leaving the opinion out for everyone to see, just keep it to yourself.”

The owner of Kelley’s Country Cookin’ has since apologised for manager’s behaviour, saying that if he were there, he would have confronted the customers rather than defended them.

Watch the full news report below:

Meanwhile, a text conversation featuring a 13-year-old boy coming out to his best friend went viral this week – find out more here.

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