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Using the term ‘homophobe’ to describe homophobic groups is defamatory, France rules

By Fabio Crispim

Calling someone a homophobe in France is now an insult, according to French article Le Monde.

The news came after Laure Pora, former President of the Paris branch of ACT UP, was ordered by the French court to pay €800 to anti-LGBT group La Manif Pour Tous.

Pora also had to the judicial cost of €1,500.

Back in 2013, ACT UP staged a protest against the pro-life Jerome Lejeune Foundation which provides research, care, and advocacy for people with genetic intellectual disabilities.

The protest was staged because of the foundations support from La Manif Por Tous and because they employed Ludivine La Rochére, the founder of the anti-LGBT group.

Activists threw condoms filled with fake blood at the wall of the office and carried posters showing images of La Rochére and La Manif with the word ‘homophobe’ printed on them.

La Manif Pour Tous oppose same-sex marriage, adoption rights, transgender people and gender theory however calling them ‘homophobic’ was ruled defamatory.

Henri de Beauregard, the organisations lawyer, said that “Describing La Manif Pour Tous as homophobic is a criminal offence.”

Karine Géronimi, representing ACT UP, called the court’s decision “unfair” but the court eventually ruled for Pora to pay the organisation.

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