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UK foreign minister Mark Field dismisses calls for Brunei to be suspended from the Commonwealth

The minister said the Sultan of Brunei has been a 'great friend' to the UK

By Steve Brown

UK foreign office minister Mark Field dismissed calls for Brunei to be suspended from the Commonwealth.

The Conservative minister opened up about his ‘good friend’ the Sultan of Brunei who, as of April 3, invoked a law which will see gay men and adulterers be stoned and whipped to death.

But despite calls for the Asian country to be dropped from the Commonwealth, Mark Field has outrageously defended the Sultan of Brunei saying that he has been a ‘great friend’ of the UK and said he got more religious as he got older.

While speaking in Parliament the bigoted Tory said: “The Sultan of Brunei has been a great friend of this country over many years.

“He has, I think, become a little more devout as he has got older, which is one reason why the sharia code—based, of course, on the Saudi Arabian sharia code—has been put in place.

“However, I am hopeful that we can continue to have a positive and constructive dialogue on this issue, with Brunei and with a number of countries that we would like to see making changes in future.

“I very much agree with the sentiment of the House that the imposition of a sharia penal code is a backward step as far as Brunei is concerned, but progress is being made elsewhere and we will continue to work within the broad international community and the Commonwealth to ensure that countries come on board.

“The best way to do that, rather than threatening to kick countries out of the Commonwealth, is to try to hold them close and recognise the strong connections.”