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Two men murdered in suspected ‘hate’ killings in Ireland remembered at funerals

A 22-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Victims Michael Snee (right) and Aidan Moffitt

The two men who were found murdered in suspected hate killings have been remembered at their funerals, which took place on Sunday (18 April).

Aidan Moffitt, 42, and Michael Snee, 58, were found dead in their homes on Sunday (10 April) and Tuesday (12 April) respectively.

A 22-year-old man who has been charged with murder.

“An authentic gift to the world”

The Times reports that Mr. Moffitt was remembered as a “caring, loyal, gentle, intelligent, dedicated” man as well as being “the best friend anyone could have”.

Father Michael McManus told the congregation at the Church of Christ the King in Lisacul in Roscommon: “Aidan was a character who lived his life to the full, always putting his family and friends before his own needs. Even though Aidan was successful in his working life, he was firstly and foremost a son, brother, uncle and friend.”

One of Mr. Moffitt’s friends, Martin McMahon, added in a eulogy: “He was an authentic gift to the world. His kindness was second to none, and bottomless. Aidan thought differently and led the way from an early age.”

Mr. Snee, whose funeral took place at the same time as Mr. Moffitt’s was said to be a “quintessential gentle person, much loved by all”. 

His nephew, Aaron added: “Michael was a people-person. Loved a bit of craic and having a laugh. He was always able to tell a good story. He had a huge community of friends.”

Father Noel Rooney, a priest of the service at St. Joseph Church in Sligo, said the community had been “devastated” by the two men’s murders and that “grief continues to pervade our community.”

Vigils for the two men have also been held recently. A poignant rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ was sung at one of them, organised by LGBTQ groups. 

According to The Times, Yousef Palani, 22 from Markiewicz Heights, was charged last Thursday (14 April) with two charges of murder and an assault on another in three separate attacks.

Police were also determining if there was a “hate motive” and whether sexuality was a motivating factor in the murders.

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