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Transgender Army officer Hannah Graf hits back at Trump’s transgender military ban

The highest-ranking transgender woman in the British Army was made an MBE this week

By Steve Brown

A transgender former Army officer hit back at Donald Trumps’ transgender military ban after receiving her MBE.

Captain Hannah Graf, 32, became the highest-ranking transgender woman in the British Army and is married to transgender filmmaker Jake Graf.

On Wednesday (June 12), Capt Graf was made an MBE by Prince William and used the honour to hit back at Trump whose transgender military ban came into effect back in April.

She said: “I think it (the MBE) is particularly important when considering what’s going on in the United States where their commander-in-chief is saying transgender people don’t deserve to serve.

“It’s a stark contrast and I’m very proud to be in the British Army today and my heart goes out to all those people in the US who don’t get these opportunities.

“There are hardworking highly-skilled, highly motivated people with deep integrity who are losing their jobs in the US military because of this archaic law.”

During a tour of Afghanistan, Capt Graf began her transition and has since left the military but said the transgender community have a ‘huge amount’ to give to the armed forces.

She continued: “Transgender people, just like any people of a diverse background, have a huge amount to give and the armed forces need that diversity and that strength, that difference of thought that people bring to a situation.”