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Trans activist Cheryl Courtney-Evans dies aged 64

By Will Stroude

Cheryl Courtney-Evans, founder of Transgender Individuals Living Their Truth (TILTT) has died at the age of 64.

News of the pioneering US activist’s death broke yesterday (October 2), and while the cause of death is as-yet unconfirmed, it is know she had battled lung cancer and other health issues over the last 12 months.

TILTT works to “provide a safe, supportive place for the transgender community; giving them the tools to cope with the community at large.” The organization, based in Atlanta, USA, runs events and outreach, as well as providing legal resources for the trans community.

Courtney-Evans also ran the blog, which commented on news and politics relevant to the trans community, as well as information about her personal life.

Linda Ellis of the Phillip Rush Center paid tribute to the activist, telling Atlanta Progressive News: “We have lost, as a community, as a significant elder and a voice of wisdom. Her work with TILTT and the support she has offered through TILTT for so many years is huge and I don’t know how we’re going to fill that hole.

“Regardless of what was going on with her, she was consistently there to help anyone else – including any young trans folks who were coming along and needed wisdom.’

Trans activist and author Janet Mock took to twitter to remember Courtney-Evans, describing her as a “true pioneer for TWOC [trans women of colour].”

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