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This lady’s reaction to two women getting engaged will warm your heart

By Josh Lee

Let’s face it. 2016 hasn’t been a great one. But in and amongst the political upheaval, tragedy, and down right madness that has shaped the year, there are little nuggets of sunshine to remind us that people are pretty great, when they put their minds to it. Like the look of pure joy emanating from this lady as she watches two women get engaged.

With the help of friends Jessica Rodriguez planted a banner at the Art Institute of Chicago, asking “Will you marry me?”. Her girlfriend, Chelsea Miller, accepted. But it was the reaction of one onlooker that really stole the show.

Jessica’s brother shared the photo of the happy couple, and the overjoyed woman who witnessed the whole moment, to Twitter, where it soon went viral.


According to BuzzFeed, Jessica hadn’t noticed the woman until she saw the photos. “I love her reaction!” she told the news site. “Whoever she is, we are so thankful of her pure reaction.

“She made our moment even more special,” she added.

Responding to the positive reaction, Jessica’s brother said, “I am just so happy that a positive LGBT photo went viral. It’s not every day something like this has such [a] positive reaction to the general public.”

He added “The sweet woman had such a beautiful reaction. It’s absolutely amazing to see such love coming from a bystander.”

Jessica added: “We hope this inspires other LGBT people to not fear to express their love to one another.”

Image: Ed Sanchez Perry/@Esanchezperry

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