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The UK’s top gay PornHub searches have been revealed, and it turns out we’re all filth

By Josh Lee

When it comes to gay porn, the Great British public can’t get enough of straight guys, public toilets and chavs, BuzzFeed sexologist Ben Henry unearthed today (October 5).



Adult film site PornHub released a huge array of stats today, giving an insight into the nation’s porn habits. While “British,” “twink” and “college roommates” were popular search terms, “Straight Guys” and “Black” turned out to be the nation’s favourite categories of porn, followed by “Daddy” in third place.sub-buzz-11152-1475659864-4

British chavs have shown a steady rise in popularity over the years. According to PornHub Insights: “statisticians first took note of chav lads when we published the 2015 Year in Review and found that “British chav” was one of the top gaining search terms in the United Kingdom.

“Among both gay and straight visitors, it grew 169% in 2015 and gained an impressive 23 spots to become the 9th most popular U.K. search. Since then, it’s moved up two additional spots to become the 7th most popular search among all U.K. visitors.

“Although “British chav” ranks slightly lower at 12th among the U.K.’s gay searches, terms containing “chav” are proportionately 102% more popular with Pornhub Gay visitors than with straight. Chav searches are mostly popular in Britain and Ireland, but we also found a significant number of chav searches from Pornhub Gay viewers in the Netherlands, France, Australia and the United States.”

And they say statistics are dull!