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Student’s yearbook photo goes viral after he brings in own lighting for shoot

By Will Stroude

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and looking abysmal in school photos. It can’t be helped.

Between dodgy uniforms, the centuries-old backdrop you’re forced to pose in front of, and the photographers budget lighting having to compete with the industrial strength strip-lights in the school canteen, the chances of having a school photo to be proud of are about as slim as the chances of bumping into Beyonce at the local chicken and chips shop.

But one savvy high school student decided to take matters into his own hands, by demanding his less-than-satisfactory school photo was re-shot – with his own lighting.

17-year-old makeup artist and highschool student James Charles subsequently set the internet alight with his flawless yearbook photo.

But how did he manage to create such a masterpiece of a school photo? By bringing in his own lighting, of course.

“I woke up really early a week ago to get glam for my picture,” he told Mashable. “I recently got into makeup and wanted to have a pretty iconic picture since I knew it would live forever with myself and all my friends at school.”

Even though James was beat for the gods, there’s no escaping bad lighting.

“I got there and posed for the photos. They came out okay but the lighting in the room was bad and my highlight was NOT on fleek,” he continued.

 So what did he do? He asked for a re-shoot of course.
“They totally understood and they let me come in and bring my lights with me that I have for my makeup photography,” he explained. “My ring light is what I use for my photos normally so I knew having it would make the highlight look better.”
He then tweeted the fabulous photo, and the rest is history.

“It’s been absolutely ridiculous and crazy since I posted the picture. I thought they would do pretty well since my followers were so kind when I posted photos from the morning of the original shoot, but this all was extremely unexpected,” he said.

James Charles, we salute you.

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