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Straight TV presenters kiss live on air for $50,000 charity donation

Gran Denyer and Ben Fordham locked lips during a live fundraiser for the Red Cross - but viewers are divided on the stunt.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: YouTube

A televised kiss between two straight TV presenters on Australian TV has drawn some mixed responses from viewers and the LGBTQ community.

Gran Denyer and Ben Fordham kissed during a live fundraiser called Australia Unites, which was to benefit flood victims on behalf of the Red Cross. 

More than $25,000,000 Australian dollars was raised on Saturday (12 March) with a $50,000 donation promised from an anonymous “major Australian corporation” if the two men, who identify as straight and are both married, kissed on live TV.

“That just happened”

After the kiss, Denyer told the audience watching: “That just happened, Australia. If you can’t donate $5 for that you don’t know what quality entertainment is.” 

According to Q News, it’s not the first time the men have kissed on TV before. In 2019, they “pashed” (meaning a passionate kiss) on live radio. 

On Twitter after Saturday’s smooch, Fordham thanked Denyer for his “pash rash”.

Some viewers found the spectacle amusing, with one person tweeting: “Benny Fordham and Grant Denyer Pashing. Now we need more Variety like that on TV let alone this broadcast.”

However, others found the display insensitive, with one person saying they were “uncomfortable about the way that men kissing men and people cross dressing is being encouraged as a joke for charity.”

“Please don’t mock and joke about these things in the name of entertainment,” they added.

Watch the moment below:

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