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Social media prankster Jack Jones caught on video using homophobic and xenophobic language

By Ross Semple

Jack Jones, a social media personality who is known for performing pranks on unsuspecting friends and members of the public, has been captured on video shouting obscenities during a verbal altercation.

In the video, which was shared by thousands on social media after it was published on Monday afternoon, features Jack with a friend shouting homophobic and xenophobic slurs at an unknown victim.

“How about that? Go back to your own country and shut the fuck up, you faggot,” Jack says in the video. “I’ll knock the fuck out of you.” The short video ends with Jack shouting “You have no money” at the other person.

Social media users were predictably disgusted, and took to Twitter to blast Jack. “Who’d have thought that someone who assaults women for clicks would be a scumbag?” one user wrote. Another even contacted the Metropolitan Police to report the language used in the video.

Yesterday, Jack posted a tweet responding to his ‘haters’, otherwise known as those calling out his awful behaviour, in the manner one would expect from an egomaniac. “To all my haters … I love you ❤️,” he wrote. He followed this up with another tweet with a string of sheep emoji, suggesting that those who criticise him for using xenophobia and homophobic language are merely going along with the crowd.

It is not yet known whether this incident will have any impact on Jack’s career as a person who films pranks.

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