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Sir Elton John says George Michael was ‘too stubborn’ to seek help with addiction

George Michael passed away in 2016

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Sir Elton John said George Michael was too stubborn to seek help with addiction.

The ‘Your Song’ singer has been outspoken about his past addictions and the new musical biopic Rocketman explores his relationship with alcohol and drugs.

In a new interview on the Irish Times, Elton answers questions from celebrity fans including Billie Eilish, Bob Dylan and Victoria Beckham.

Fashion designer Donatella Versace reveals he saved her life and asked how many others he has saved.

In his answer, Elton explains that George Michael – who passed away in 2016 – was ‘too stubborn’ to get help for his addiction.

He said: “Some people, you try and they just don’t want to know. George Michael was like that.

“He did go away to Switzerland for a while, but he was too stubborn.

“It was weird; when he died, Ozzy Osbourne said to me, ‘You know what, Elton? I don’t think he wanted to be here anymore’, which seems like a harsh thing to say, but I think it was right.

“He didn’t want to be here. He had a choice; he knew what he had to do and he wouldn’t do it. So, there you go.”