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RuPaul speaks to Attitude: ‘Youth and beauty are the currency of the gay community’

By Will Stroude

RuPaul has given his two cents on vanity in the gay community ahead of the launch of his new show Good Work, which delves into the world of plastic surgery and cosmetics in Hollywood.

The show will see the Drag Race star joined by Botched’s Dr Terry Dubrow and Sofia Vergara’s make-up artist sister Sandra Vergara as they discuss beauty tips, cosmetic procedures and who’s had ‘good work’ done, but Ru has told Attitude that the pressure to look good is a “double-edged” sword when it comes to the gay community.

E! BRANDS SHOOT -- Season: 2015 -- Pictured (l-r): Terry Dubrow, Ru Paul, Sandra Vergara) -- (Photo by: Brian Bowen Smith/E!)

Asked if gay men face more pressure when it comes to body image than their straight counterparts, the drag superstar says: “In the gay community youth and beauty have been the currency that we deal in. Unfortunately you have to consider mind, body and spirit, otherwise the triad is lopsided, it goes awry.

“So yes, our culture – not just gay culture, all culture – is very superficial, but the truth is you have to have the ‘gold triangle’, which is mind, body and spirit, to live a fulfilled mind. Too much of one will throw the whole balance off.”

Saying that the show is designed to be a celebration of surgery, the 54-year-old adds that it’s a “sad but true” fact that looking good can get you ahead: “Obviously gay men have never had a problem with doing those kinds of things but now for everyday Joe, it’s a reality, especially if they want to continue to work, and we live in a very superficial culture. You can go to Oxford, you can go to Cambridge, you can go to Harvard, but the truth is, if you look good, you’re gonna get advanced. And you know what, it’s sad but true.”

Admitting he’s “obsessed” with looking at who’s had what done in Hollywood, Ru confesses that he’s some minor work done himself, and wouldn’t rule out going under the knife in the future.

“I’ve done fillers and electrolysis and botox and all those kinds of things. I haven’t cut myself, but I’m not opposed to it.” he says.

“If the roof is leaking, you replace it! If you got a flat tyre, you put on a new tyre! Unfortunately we as humans have shame around fixing up our body.”

Good Work premieres tonight (May 5) at 10pm on E!