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‘Pregnant man’ and ‘person with crown’ among new gender-inclusive emoji update

The update is yet to finalised but should be available from 14 September.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Twitter/@Emojipedia

Emojis are set to become a whole lot more inclusive with a gender-inclusive ‘pregnant person’ and  ‘person with crown’ among the new emojis set to be released later this year.

Ahead of World Emoji Day (17 July), we’ve been given a look at the next update to the Emoji keyboard, Emoji 14.0.

The update also includes a variety of new faces, handshakes, and more.

“This is only a draft emoji list”

Posting an update on Twitter the Emojipedia account shared what would be included in the next update, set to be finalised in September 2021.

We’re set to be able to use faces such as ‘melting face’, ‘saluting face’, and ‘face with diagonal mouth’ in text to really show how we feel in the family group chat.

People will also be able to share ‘heart hands’ and choose from 25 handshake combinations featuring different skin tones. The accompanying blog post says that “as this is only a draft emoji list, each emoji is subject to change prior to final approval in September 2021.”

As an alternative to the prince and princess emojis, there will be a gender-inclusive ‘person with crown’ emoji, as well as ‘pregnant man’ and a ‘pregnant person’, which recognises the ability for some transgender men and non-binary people to become pregnant.

As a result, nearly all emojis will have a gender-neutral option as well as male and female choices.

The blog post also reveals plans for a gender-inclusive dancer being considered for a future update.

People are also being encouraged to vote for which upcoming emoji they are most keen to use. The results will be revealed on Saturday 17 July.

You can vote here.

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