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Piers Morgan says he was ‘quite popular’ in gay clubs after he was urged to ‘come out’

The 'Good Morning Britain' co-host is known for voicing his opinions on trans rights

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Piers Morgan claims he was ‘quite popular’ in gay clubs after someone called for him to ‘come out already’.

The Good Morning Britain co-host has repeatedly voiced his opinions of trans rights, non-binary celebrities and gender confirmation surgery.

But today, Piers read out a tweet he was sent by a viewer who urged him to admit he is gay on live TV.

He said: “Just had a text from Barry Brown.

“’Piers needs to come out of the closet, it’s obvious he’s gay. Stop all the rumours on national TV. Say you’re gay, then have a break in Mykonos with your lover. Out you come’.”

Piers played along with the tweet and told viewers: “Barry has nought followers and is following nobody.

“I don’t know who Barry is but is it that obvious?”

Susanna Reid then asked her co-host: “Have you been down to Freedom in Soho Piers without me?”

Piers then replied: “I have been to gay clubs in Soho with Susanna. I don’t want to comment at this stage Barry, you may be onto something. I do like Mykonos.

“I was quite popular in the gay clubs, actually. I was quite surprised.

“This could be a big moment where they actually have to be nice about me.

“Barry can spot it a mile off, he’s got his gaydars. I’m not gonna deny it, why would I?

“I’m just going to be out there. I’m, as my mother once put it, ambidextrous.”