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Petition calling for ban on anti-LGBT materials in schools gets political support

The petition was created following the increase of anti-LGBT materials being sent to schools

By Steve Brown

A petition calling for a ban on anti-LGBT material from schools has gained support from politicians.

According to the Argus, the petition has called for a ban on anti-LGBT materials following a “recent influx of anti-LGBT material being sent to schools in England” and has gained supported from Hove MP Peter Kyle.

He said: “There’s no place for anti-LGBT materials in schools and anything which makes students who are struggling to come to terms with their identity doubt themselves or feel unnatural makes me shudder.”

The petition was created after the publication of a “schools resources pack” by the Transgender Trend action group who argue against allowing trans children to use changing rooms.

But Sophie Cook – the first trans Parliamentary candidate in the 2017 election – argued against the group and said: “The thing is, any kind of discrimination or prejudice is wrong.

“I will defend free speech to my dying breath but there is a difference between free speech and hate speech.

“I speak a lot in schools and most young people have a good understanding of trans issues, they get it.

“So, for someone to try to artificially introduce this kind of prejudice into schools is totally wrong.”