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Perez Hilton: ‘Living with Katie Hopkins is like living during the AIDS crisis’

By Josh Haggis

Perez Hilton has claimed that living with Katie Hopkins in the Big Brother house is like living during the 1980’s AIDS crisis.

Hilton, who has been at the centre of controversy since the Channel 5 reality show began last month (January), told housemates in a rant last night (February 2) that he feels like everybody is trying to “ostracise” him.


“I have been traumatised by the experience,” said Hilton. “By living with so many people who feel extremely negative thoughts about me. By Katie Hopkins, who told Nadia in front of many other people ‘We should isolate him’.”

Hilton went on to compare his living situation to being “diagnosed with AIDS in the early 80s” before insisting: “She [Katie] was trying to get everybody to be afraid of me and ostracise me”.

Fellow housemate Michelle Visage, who previously labelled the celebrity blogger an “embarrassment to the gay community,” responded to Hilton’s outrageous claim, saying: “Having lost 20 plus friends to AIDS, that is a bit extreme!”

Meanwhile, Hilton accused Hopkins of being homophobic during a recent task in the house – get the full story here.

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