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Paris rainbow pedestrian crossing vandalised again

The Paris Mayor was directly targeted in the vandal attack

By Steve Brown

The rainbow-painted pedestrian crossing in Paris has been vandalised again.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the same ainbow-coloured pedestrian crossing in the French capital had been painted over in anti-LGBT stance and the colours were painted again by the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and the openly gay First Deputy Mayor Bruno Julliard.

However, with Paris Pride this weekend, the crossing was a symbol of LGBT equality but now the vandals have taken to deface the colours and wrote: “Dictature LGBT” which translates as “LGBT dictatorship”.

The vandals also made a direct attack at Hidalgo telling her to “get out”.

A Facebook user poster two of the pictures and wrote: “It has started again. The LGBTIphobes have returned.”

Hidalgo also took to social media to pledge her support to the LGBT+ community and wrote: “Last night the rainbow crosswalk in Marais has been vandalised again.

“This act of homophobia won’t go unpunished. The Prosecutor of the Republic will be seized.

“The municipal agents will clean up this morning.”

Thankfully the homophobic language has already been painted back to the beautiful rainbow flag colours.