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Out Brexit MEP leaves party after past homophobic comments from former candidate revealed

Louis Stedman-Bryce will now stand as an independent MEP in the general election

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A Brexit MEP has left the party after homophobic comments from a former parliamentary candidate were revealed.

Openly gay Louis Stedman-Bryce, a Scotland MEP for the Brexit Party, took the decision to no longer stand in the upcoming general election after it was revealed Victor Robert Farrell had made homophobic comments.

Farrell – who has lost support from the party – will still appear on the ballot papers and faces backlash after he said perverts were ‘pushing sodomite rights’.

Now Stedman-Bryce – who was  Brexit Party parliamentary candidate for Glasgow North East – has left the party altogether and will now stand as an independent MEP in the general election on December 12.

In a Twitter video, the MEP said: “This week it saddens me further to say that I’ve taken the decision to leave the Brexit Party.

“This is because I find myself in a situation where my personal values are now in direct conflict with those of the party, and this for me is an area where I cannot and will not compromise.

“The Brexit Party’s recent decision to select a Scottish candidate who has openly posted homophobic views across social media is not only a betrayal of the LGBT community but also a betrayal of everyone who believes that such divisive and hateful views have no place in our society.”

A spokesperson for the Brexit Party told The New European: “The Brexit Party cut ties with Victor Farrell almost as soon as his comments came to light.

“We are sad to see Louis Stedman-Bryce go and we will always oppose bigotry and fight for a proper Brexit.”