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Opinion piece criticising gay men who say ‘women can’t go to gay clubs’ divides Twitter

By Joshua Haigh

It’s Monday morning, and Twitter has already gone into meltdown over an opinion piece.

Over the weekend, OUT Magazine published an article online titled: “Dear gay men, stop telling women they can’t go to gay bars”.

While the writer did acknowledge that some cis straight women do tokenise gay men and that their behaviour is not okay, many on social media took offence to the article’s overall tone.

In particular, this paragraph:

I know this might surprise you, but in 2017, women can go anywhere we want to! And furthermore, we don’t need your approval to do it! When I see these kinds of discussions on social media, there are usually a few men who comment something like, “I love bringing my girls to the club!” Well, that’s nice, but not only do women not need your approval to be somewhere, we also don’t need you to take us anywhere. We know how to drive, get on the subway, flag down a cab, or download Uber.

Many rushed to Twitter to criticise the piece:

However, some people did see the point that the writer was trying to make, which seemed to be to discuss misogyny in the gay community – which is absolutely something that must be discussed.

What do you think about the piece? Does the writer have a point?

Let us know on social media.