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Only 36 people attended gay conversion therapy march

The Freedom March saw Pulse nightclub survivor Luis Ruiz join the protests

By Steve Brown

Anti-gay activists were left embarrassed after a march promoting gay conversion therapy was only attended by 36 people.

The Freedom March in Washington DC was a Christian event which promoted the idea that people can gain “freedom from homosexual/transgender lifestyles by the grace and power of Jesus Christ”, Pink News reported.

The march was organised by Voice of the Voiceless – a group claiming that ex-gay people are unfairly treated by society and promotes the use of gay conversion therapy for people who wish to change their sexual orientation.

Their website claims: “For too long former homosexuals, individuals who experience unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA), and their families have been marginalised and misrepresented.”

When speaking to the Christian Post, Voice of the Voiceless president Daren Mehl said: “The Freedom March was an opportunity for those of us who have a new life with Jesus to come together in fellowship and praise Him for the love and grace available to everyone who seeks it [and] to testify publicly of the life-changing grace available to leave the LGBT identity for something greater.”

Despite the large number of posts on social media, the march failed to attract more than three dozen people – one of which was Pulse survivor Luis Ruiz.

Ruiz was injured in the attack in 2016 in Orlando which left 49 people – including many of his friends – dead. He has since claimed to have found Jesus and ‘rejected’ the homosexual lifestyle.