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Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy reveals horrifying homophobic abuse on YouTube channel

Many of the comments wished him death from AIDS, a car accident or from being pushed off a building

By Fabio Crispim

Gus Kenworthy has revealed the horrifying amount of homophobic abuse he’s received on his YouTube channel. 

The freestyle skier made history at the 2018 Winter Olympics for sharing a kiss with his boyfriend Matthew Wilkas on live television. 

He’s also used his platform as one of the first openly gay Winter Olympians to stand up for LGBT equality, and has repeatedly taken aim at Mike Pence and the anti-gay Trump Administration. 

During all of this, Kenworthy has had to hit back at haters on social media, and he recently revealed how much abuse he’s received on his YouTube channel.

The 26-year-old shared several screenshots of the comments from his YouTube channel alongside the caption: “Them: It’s 2018 nobody cares that you’re gay. Homophobia doesn’t exist anymore. Get over yourself. My YouTube notifications:”. 

The screenshots featured comments from people calling Kenworthy a “fa**ot” and wishing him death from AIDS, a car accident or from being pushed off a building. One comment read: “Gross fa**ot. F*ck you. Go die of aids.” 

Another read: “But you are not a ‘champion’ you are a fa**ot. With any luck you die a horribly painful and drawn out death mangled in a car wreck. Or a mussy pushes you off a building would also be just fine. Or maybe someone just walks up to you and plays the ‘knock-out’ game on you and your skull cracks wide open when you hit the ground and bleed out in the street.”

A third comment said: “Gus you are nothing but a sperm drinking, ass f*cking F*G – a f*cking FREAK of nature, hurry and gets AIDS.” 

The fourth comment Kenworthy shared read: “These fa**ots need to go back in the closet out of sight, it’s not ok to suck another mans dick, thats for girls only!”

However, Kenworthy’s tweet received a flood of support from followers including gay Canadian Olympian Eric Radford and Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea.