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New York celebrity gym offers nude workout classes

Stars such as Rihanna, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts have visited the gym

By Fabio Crispim

A New York celebrity gym has begun offering naked gym classes. 

The Hanson Fitness gym in New York launched nude workout sessions last Friday (January 5) to a mixed response. 

Celebrities such as Rihanna, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts are rumoured to have attended the Soho-based gym in the past. imagine bumping into your idol when you’re starkers!? We can’t deal.

Hanson Fitness claims that working out in the nude has a number of health benefits which include “skin breathing, the release of endorphins due to Vitamin D from sunlight and complete body awareness so you can see if you’re cheating on your exercise routines.” 

For anyone too uncomfortable to workout naked, nude underwear can be worn during the sessions.

The gym’s founder, Harry Hanson, claims that the sessions aim to inspire body confidence and to make clients “look and feel good naked.” 

He said: “Our approach makes sure our members get and stay in the absolute best shape, and our new naked personal fitness sessions are no exception. This new development brings with it a range of fitness and health benefits and allows our members to have a little cheeky fun in the process!” 

Hanson also claimed the reaction to the classes have been “overwhelming,” and revealed that the majority of those interested were men. 

“There’s one guy who is bringing his wife, and another who inquired about his wife being able to come. Other than that, it’s pretty much all guys that were asking about it.”