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New short film demonstrates struggles of LGBT couples

The powerful film was shared on Facebook

By Steve Brown

A new short film has been made which outlines the daily struggles of a LGBT couple.

BBC’s The Social have created the new film – complete with a poem – which demonstrates the fear a LGBT couple have when holding hands or kissing their partner goodbye in public.

The new four-minute film aims to shine a spotlight on what most people in a same-sex relationship go through when they are assessing whether it’s safe to show their partner affection in public.

Told through the eyes of an unnamed man, it shows him trying to decide how to say goodbye to his partner while in a Glasgow park together.

It brings into account how people say goodbye to their parents, neighbours and colleagues and whether you would “shrug them off” or give them a hug.

The film shows what society’s idea of what is “normal” while at the same time showing the common reactions to a same-sex couple out in public.

The powerful short captures the fear some have while showing affection in a public space including the classic “not in front of my children” and the numerous disapproving stares from passers-by.

The video was shared on Facebook by the BBC with the caption: “This is how homophobia feels in 2018 [sic]”

Titled, Time for Love, the short film ends with the powerful message that it is #TimeForLove.