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New film competition to promote gender equality and LGBT inclusion in sports has been launched

The Sports Allies Smart Shorts is being organized by Sport Allies and London Film School

By Steve Brown

A new film competition has been launched to promote gender equality and inclusion of the LGBT community in sports.

The Sports Allies Smart Shorts is being organized by Sport Allies and London Film School and are looking for new work from a range of groups of creative people across the UK.

Focusing on how film can be low cost yet high impact, the idea came from the success of the Warwick Rowers, who are now global icons of the LGBT and gender equality ally movement.

Found and chairman of Sports Allies, Angus Malcom, said: “We are seeing a lot of polarization in social attitudes around the world.

“As well as funding Sports Allies, the Warwick Rowers films have reached nearly 40 million people in more than 140 countries, bringing hope and support to people who see little prospect around them for more inclusive future.”

Project organizer Amanda White, an expert in film-based education and communication, added: “Film is recognized as one of the most effective and powerful means of communication. 

“I have been excited by how the Warwick Rowers have capitalized on that, and I am delighted to be working with Sport Allies, London Film School and Sky Sports to showcase the opportunities now available to film makers everywhere.”

Saskia van Roomen, Outreach Manager of London Film School, continued: “We are very excited about the potential for mobile technology to open up film making to more people who might feel film is not a tool available to them.

“Online platforms and accessible technology means that people can now communicate their own experiences and stories with high production values. 

“This is an exciting and dynamic time for film making, and we are proud to promote greater access to that revolution.”

Jon Holmes from Sky Sports commented on the organisation’s commitment to promoting inclusion in sport: “At Sky Sports, we want to help ensure that everyone feels included in the games and activities they love, whether they’re participants or spectators.

“Our content supporting LGBT+ people in sport is an important part of that commitment.

“The Smart Shorts competition is an ideal opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to reflect diverse communities, and engage new and existing audiences with original content.

“We’re looking forward to seeing their films and amplifying the messages.”

Filmmakers are invited to apply here by August 13, 2018.