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Metropolitan police chief, Cressida Dick, says attitudes towards out police officers has changed

Cressida became the first out LGBT+ person and first-ever woman to hold the role

By Steve Brown

The Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police has claimed the attitudes towards gay police officers have changed.

Cressida Dick made history by becoming the first out LGBT+ person – and first ever woman – to hold the role in the Met Police back in 2017 and while appearing on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs on February 10, she said people’s attitudes towards LGBT+ people has changed ‘enormously’.

She told host Lauren Laverne: “Enormously, as it has for women as well.

“I think particularly for gay men, it’s changed enormously in that time. I would be naïve if I thought it’s all plain sailing for everybody, but what I can say is that if I take you to see my response teams, there are people of all shapes and sizes, and lots of openly gay people.

“The guys and girls don’t think twice about it. I want everybody to thrive, I want people from all backgrounds – ethnic backgrounds, religious backgrounds, sexuality, gender – to feel the Met is their Met, and that it’s a safe and good place for people to come to work. And I think it is.

At the same time she was appointed to the position of Police Commissioner, Cressida came out in an interview with Evening Standard where she confirmed her relationship with partner Helen.

And now, during her interview with the BBC, she spoke about the importance of visible LGBT+ figures and said: “Sometimes people say to me that they think it’s important, but to be honest for me, I think it’s one of the least interesting things about me!

“I happen to love Helen – she’s my partner. On we go.

“The fact that I am seen as a bit different in some respects I realise on some occasions makes young people think, ‘I could have a go’ or ‘I might try, I feel different, but I might try’.

“I know that lots and lots of women and men around the world aren’t able to do a job that they love and be themselves, and there’s a lot more for us to do.”