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Man who lured straight men into sex after posing as woman on dating apps is on trial

Duerte Xavier, of Bournemouth, denies six charges of causing a person to engage in sex without consent

By Steve Brown

A man who duped straight men into sex by posing as a woman on dating apps is on trial.

Duerte Xavier allegedly lured men with female images on dating apps including Tinder and then arranged blindfolded sex meets, the Kingston Crown Court heard.

The court was told how his voice “sounded feminine and Asian” over the phone and it was reported Xavier performed a sex act on one of the men before having sex in a park.

One of his victims said: “I put my scarf around my head and waited. Then it went to taking my trousers down.

“I made attempts to touch her, which were thwarted.”

The man went on to say that the ten-minute act “seemed quite pleasant” before they had 20 minutes of full sex where he was told to stay blindfolded until Xavier had left.

Xavier then went and met another man at a flat after speaking on app Lovoo and then WhatsApp where he demanded the victim be his “obedient toy”.

He then allegedly sent a picture of a blindfolded guy receiving a sex act as an instruction to his victim.

He was also told to wear the mask before Xavier appeared and told the court: “I wanted to see.

“I pulled it down and saw this man with a beard. I felt pissed off and slapped him.”

When the man left, Xavier reported pestered him to meet again but the man called the police.

Xavier, from Bournemouth, denies six charges of causing a person to engage in sex without consent.

The trial continues.