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‘Love is Blind’ star Carlton Morton in therapy after posting cryptic tweets

The reality TV star claimed he got death threats after appearing on the Netflix series

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Carlton Morton – who appeard on the first season of Netflix’ Love is Blind – has revealed he is in therapy after posting a series of cryptic tweets.

In the third episode of the new Netflix show saw Carlton, 34, and Diamond, 28, go on their first real date after getting engaged, before Carlton reveals that he has dated both men and women in the past.

The results were a disaster, as Diamond told Carlton he should have been open about his sexuality from the beginning, Carlton threw back the word ‘b*tch’, drinks went flying, and Diamond stormed off. 

Carlton’s own behaviour left much to be desired, and the ensuing fall-out was as much down to his demeanour as his sexuality, which Diamond said she was trying to process.

Following his short stint on the show, Carlton claimed he received death threats in his DMs and on social media.

And last week, the reality TV star posted a cryptic message that raised alarm on Instagram where he wrote: “I’m really done. Thanks for the press requests, bookings, etc. I am not doing any press/bookings as of today’s radio interview.

“URBAN MEDIA has been the WORST to me. Black lives matter until it’s an LGBT Black life. Also, so called “celebrity” friends on social media have every opportunity to defend my CHARACTER yet they don’t!

“I’ve argued for tons of people. Y’all see ANY of those people speaking up for me? I”M DONE.”

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He then posted on Twitter: “Today is one of those days where I don’t want to be here. I feel extremely alone and unsupported. I’ve cried for help since Feb. 13. No one cares.”

Following these worrying messages, TMZ reports that someone from inside Carlton’s home in Atlanta called 911 for a non-life threatening injury, which resulted in him being taken to the hospital.

He then told the publication he is seeing a therapist in hopes of improving his mental health and tells us he’s getting death threats on the daily, and feels like the world hates him.