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Lewis Hamilton publicly shames young nephew for wearing pink princess dress on Christmas Day

The Formula One racer shared a video of himself confronting the small boy on Instagram.

By Will Stroude

Lewis Hamilton has sparked a furious backlash after posting a video online in which he confronts his young nephew for wearing a princess costume on Christmas Day.

The four-time World Championship-winning Formula One racer was slammed by fans after being seen angrily shaming his nephew for wearing a pink princess dress the boy had asked for for Christmas.

The video shared on Hamilton’s Instagram sees the Mercedes driver address the camera as he says: “I’m so sad right now – look at my nephew.”

The camera then cuts to the smiling child playing by the Christmas tree, wearing a fushia pink dress and waving a wand.

As Hamilton approaches the boy, he asks hilm: “Why are you wearing a Christmas dress? Is this what you got for Christmas?”

His nephew awkwardly laughs and nods, causing Hamilton, 32, to press on, asking: “Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?”

As the boy sheepishly replies “because we like them,” Hamilton shouts: “Boys don’t wear princess dresses!”

Hamilton’s small-minded display quickly drew fierce criticism online.

Re-sharing the video, Twitter user @JustNabz wrote: “Oh dear Lewis. You’ve just opened a can of worms… The kid looks genuinely happy! Just let him enjoy his little life without having social norms imposed on him.”

She added later: “I don’t care what Lewis’ beliefs are, you can’t publicly put down a CHILD for innocently liking what they like or wanting what they want, especially when you’re an icon and someone who kids look up to, respect and admire.”

Others were less eloquent in the critcism, but no less scathing, with Twitter user @oneofthosefaces writing simply:”what a prick.”

 Many also pointed out how Hamilton’s attack could have a lasting impact on his nephew, with some recalling how being shamed for gender-non-conforming behaviour as children had stuck with them well into adulthood.

“watching the lewis hamilton vid actually excruciating, that little boy was me at that age, and all i ever heard was grown men like hamilton shouting at me for it,” Twitter user @jakkhayes wrote.

“now 18 years on i’m still so conscious of how i behave & present in front of masculine performing men. F**K THAT.”