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Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin are on their sixth egg donor

The singer and his partner have been trying to start a family of their own

By Steve Brown

Lance Bass has revealed he and his husband Michael Turchin are on their sixth egg donor.

The singer married his husband back in 2014 after two and a half years dating, and the couple are desperate to start a family together, and Bass recently revealed they have a surrogate but are still looking for an egg.

Now, while speaking to Page Six, the singer admitted he is surprised how long the surrogacy process takes.

He said: “The most surprising part about the surrogacy process was how long this takes.

“We had several friends going through this and it took a little while, but I think we’ve broken the record for how many donors we’ve gone through.

“We’re on donor number six right now and we don’t even know if that one’s gonna work. So, it has been a lot longer than I thought.

“But hey, here’s to a 2019 baby! You would think I would get so many offers for eggs but not many people have come to me with their eggs!

“I think I’m going to have to tweet it out right now!”